OUTFIT | LFW Day 2: Simple Seventies Luxe

Hello and Happy Friday! I promised myself that this time, post London Fashion Week, I would get all my outfits and photo diary up straight after I returned...but alas, here I am two weeks later just posting my second post of my outfit from day two. So, sorry self, to let you down, but, that's just the way it goes when you have an incredibly gorgeous but rather time consuming toddler to take care of. One of my New Year's resolutions was to get better with time management, organisation and scheduling for my blog, which started off well (like most NYR's often do) but has fizzled out somewhat throughout the year. No matter how many blogger planners I have, I still just find it incredibly hard to balance work/ motherhood/ home/ friends/ blog - and unfortunately it will always be my poor little blog that has to take the back seat when there are just too many other things to do! I love blogging and the opportunities it has awarded me with have been amazing so far, so I want to continue for the foreseeable future, but I think I just need to come up with some better ways of fitting it into my hectic life. If anyone else is a working Mama who also blogs, I'd love to hear any pearls of wisdom you may have to help form a more coherent and easy to stick to structure of blog tasks. Evem if that's just - create a weekly schedule and actually stick to it - that's fine, maybe I just need to hear that and know for sure I'm not missing out on some great, lucrative strategy for maintaining everything in equal measure! Anyway, enough of my ramblings (I'm sure you had enough of those from my previous post) and onto the outfit...   
As always, I had totally misjudged the weather forecast for the whole three days that I attended London Fashion Week, meaning that I was in full A/W attire in a pretty warm climate for Blighty in mid September. This was originally meant to be my outfit for Day 3 as I knew I'd be travelling quite a bit back home, and this was the comfiest, most practical (yeah I know, I wouldn't usually describe a suede mini skirt as practical in everyday life, but it was for Fashion Week...) outfit, but out of the three options I had meticulously planned in advance of the event, it was also the least warm. Like I said, I was still sweltering at times wearing full on knitwear - this was mostly in the packed BFC Showspace as always, they were packed out beyond capacity, but with the old pins out for a rare outing it made things bearable.
My thought with this outfit was that I just wanted comfort as my priority, which was provided by these super cute snake print ankle chelsea booties. After my seventh season of attending London Fashion Week, it finally dawned on me that heels are not my friend. Now because of my mere 5'3 frame, I will always need a slight bit of aided height when it comes to big events like these, otherwise I just get trampled on. Literally. People just don't see me. I am that small, clearly. So these gorgeous boots were the perfect compromise - comfy but chic and very on trend, with the tiniest (dare I say it...) hint of a kitten heel (eeek! I went there!) Yup. The frowned upon heel of the fashion world. I do feel it's more acceptable with little dainty boots such as these though...plus they're so gorgeous, who even cares about the heel!? I thought they went perfectly with the ensemble and loved how the neutral, tan colour palette worked contrasted with the gorgeous blue of this suede A-line skirt. The skirt was the main focal point of this look, hence why I wanted to keep everything else quite neutral, which I feel helped to maintain a chic, minimal but also quite luxe vibe with the suede, snake print and tassles combination. I accessorised with some blue mirrored aviators which tied in nicely with the skirt, this amazing Chloe-esque mink saddle bag, which I feel is a pretty good dupe of the 'Drew' - what do you think? Last but not least, a Seventies inspired look wouldn't quite be right without a big floppy hat thrown into the mix; am I right, or am I right?
 I'd love to know what you think of this outfit? Also - don't forget what I said earlier; if there's anyone who is a working Mummy and blogger who has any advice on time management, please do jot your ideas down below & help a fellow Mama out!
What I'm Wearing:
Blue mirrored aviators - River Island @ ASOS (similar here)
Floppy hat - eBay (similar here)


  1. Lovely photos and great look :)
    xx Katha

  2. Love everything about this outfit and especially that hat, I love the way it frames your face!

  3. I love the colours of this outfit so much! And that skirt...beautiful!




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