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Package of goodies to combat holiday blues with Jet 2 Holidays
Well I think it's safe to say Summer is most definitely over now - we're lucky to be having a bout of beautiful sunshine lately, but the temperature has significantly dropped. Now I can handle a slightly chillier climate because it gives me great joy to update my wardrobe and transition into AW colour palettes and fabrics, and, like most other Fashion Bloggers, I adore layering up and experimenting with different looks. I can't be the only one that finds I get to a point where I get just a little bit bored of putting together an outfit from my Summer collection, and just so ready to start wearing all the lovely chunky knit jumpers and delving back into my much loved boot collection... anyone else?
Anyway, as true as that may be and as relieved as I may feel to start exploring the new season trends - a tiny niggle of holiday blues (or just Summer blues if you haven't gone away this year), will still always remain. As much as I get all excited about the prospect of weekends spent wrapped up all warm with copious amounts of tea, snuggled up in a matching cable knit scarf & bobble hat for Bonfire night and crisp Autumn leaves crunching under your feet on a woodland walk, (which ok...all do sound pretty great - that is, until these expectations are replaced by the reality of wet, windy & bedraggled-ness) let's face it, those glorious long, light days of sipping on cocktails, floating around in barely there clothing and the feeling of dipping your toes in a pool of crisp refreshing water (or you know, the sea) just can't be beaten. You will of course realise I am referring to holidays abroad here - I don't think I've ever dipped my toes in the sea during a British Summer and found it refreshing (hashtag - freezingeveninsummer) I think everyone gets a little fed up of a particular season and is ready for the next, and we will all generally be looking forward to Halloween/ Bonfire Night/ Christmas - but by January I can bet my bottom dollar the majority of the population is back to fighting the Winter blues and already yearning for their next holiday!
So when I was asked if I'd like to be sent a little package to combat those holiday blues from Jet2Holidays, taking all the above into consideration, I thought...yes please! I haven't been on a 'proper' holiday as such this year, as I went to Marbella for a long weekend for one of my close friends Hen Do (more on that another time), but I don't think it matters how long you've been away for, whether it's been for one day or one month, the holiday blues are sure to find you. With this in mind, Jet2Holidays created a cute little package to lift spirits when arriving back on home soil:
1. A little Summery postcard - this can be pinned up onto a noticeboard in your work space to remind you of all the fun you had and think back to fond memories, also, to remind you that warmer times will come again!
2. Moisturiser - we all know excessive sun dries out our skin, so a little pick me up in the form of an intensive moisturiser is a necessity to keep your skin supple and smooth after soaking up all those rays!
3. Fake tan - because, well, we won't be getting one naturally for a good 6 months in good old England, and just because we're not in exotic, warm climates, doesn't mean to say we can't enjoy a beautiful sun kissed glow to perk us up during the colder months.
4. Sweets - because we all deserve a little treat now and then, especially if suffering from the dreaded holiday blues.
5. And finally - a little voucher for Pizza Hut so we can at least get a taste for Italy, even if we may not physically be there.
What do you think of this idea and would you put anything different into your little pick me up pamper package to combat holiday blues? I personally think I might try this next year if I end up going away; preparing a little box of goodies that I can hide away and then upon returning from holiday, open up and enjoy, forgetting all about those pesky holiday blues! In fact, I feel like it would even be a good thing for Mamas to do - toddlers and children probably feel the same way us adults do returning home after an exciting trip away, so storing away some interesting bits & pieces or a couple of new toys for them to explore when they get home, could be a rather nifty tip!
[*Thank you to Jet2Holidays for the package of goodies]

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