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Now I don't know about you; and I don't care how much of a cliché it is, but flowers really are the way to my heart. There's just something about receiving a bunch of beautiful blooms - whether that's for a Birthday, as a get well gesture or for no reason at all other than an act of kindness, flowers will always put a smile on my face and will send little waves of happiness through me every time I walk past them on my dining room table. I've just realised how incredibly cheesy that sounds; but, it really is true. Sometimes, it really is the simple things in life that can make you the happiest of all.

When Debenhams got in touch to see if I would like to receive a bouquet of my choosing to review, I naturally accepted the invitation with open arms. Like the majority of the female population, I adore flowers and receiving a luxury bouquet by post is up there with one of my all time favourite things.
They have so many gorgeous designs from their Autumnal range at the moment, with lots of rustic, warm colours and deep berry shades which are all stunning, but I chose to go for a softer, more romantic selection of lilies, rustic white thistles, green berries and soft pink roses in the form of the Pure Berry bouquet. As much as I loved the warmer colours and they do fit into this time of year - I knew that I wanted to spruce up my dressing table and this simple but elegant collection of flowers were the perfect match.
My bouquet arrived the next day as promised, complete with a little note from Debenhams, flower food and full care instructions to optimize their lifespan. I am quite naughty and often forget to change the water whenever I have flowers and certainly never take the time to snip a centimetre off the ends every few days like you're meant to - I know, I know - pretty poor for a self professed flower lover. However, I really made an effort to look after these as they were just too pretty to only have around for a few days. By changing the water every other day they stayed fresh for well over a week; I would say they lived beautifully for a good 10 days - which is pretty impressive for my usual attempts at keeping my petals alive. I will be honest though... I still didn't trim the stems as advised (I mean really, who has the time!?) but I imagine they would last even longer if you added that into maintaining their freshness. 
The only downside was that the lilies took so long to bloom, by the time they had, the roses and white deliannes had unfortunately wilted, and only 3 out of the 5 or 6 that were in the bouquet, properly opened. I did find it a bit of a shame as lilies are my favourite - however, looking at the silver linings as always, it meant that I had a new lease of life out of the bouquet and was able to enjoy them for even longer, by just cutting the lilies down and displaying them in a much smaller vase. They lasted for about 4 or 5 days after fully blooming. 
I've only ever ordered from two different companies to send flowers before, but Debenhams will definitely be my go to from now on; not only are the prices really quite reasonable, but there is such a huge array of choice - there really is something for every occasion. They are now offering their Christmas flowers range which I think could be a lovely gift to someone this festive period - instead of sending a typical present to perhaps a relative you live too far away from to visit, why not send a bouquet instead to show you're thinking of them. They've even got a selection of Christmassy themed hampers if flowers aren't quite what you're after. Debenhams have also very kindly issued me with a personal discount code to share with you, which entitles Mode Madeleine readers to an amazing 25% off - and this is the best part, it is valid indefinitely! Just use my code - DFBLOG25 at the checkout. The only bouquets exempt from this are from the 'Flowers by Post' range

Do you love flowers? Have you tried any from the Debenhams range yet? Let me know if you send any with my code and who you've chosen as the recipient below in the comments, or you can tweet me @maddiemagpie :-)

*Flowers sent c/o Debenhams for review purposes. All views and opinions are solely my own.

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