INTERIORS | Bedroom Makeover With Laura Ashley

I am super excited to finally share these photos with you! Forget 'New Year, New Me', today it's all about 'New Year, New Home'. I have been wanting to update the bedroom for so long now, but with a to-do list as long as my arm which never seems to decrease in size, unfortunately it's always just been one of those things that doesn't take priority over the every day necessities, and gets pushed further and further down the list. So for 2016, I made it my goal to make it a priority once and for all and spruce up the room. Of course it helps a great deal when you've been very kindly sent some beautiful pieces from the queen of interiors; Laura Ashley.


LIFESTYLE | New Year's Resolutions 2016

Happy New Yeaarrrr! 2016 is finally upon us and I hope you all celebrated in style last night with loved ones. I went back on everything I said in my previous post and definitely ended up going 'out out' and partying the night away into the wee hours. So much for a cosy night in! Anyway, I thought I would start as I mean to go on with one of my New Years resolutions which is to be more consistent with blogging; so here is my first post of 2016 - nothing too obscure, just a few resolutions. Some that seemed to slip through the net from last year's list, which let's face it, is inevitable really isn't it? However, I do think I may have set myself a few too many promises to myself last time, so I'm keeping it much more simple this time round in the hope that I succeed with all of them. After all, it's quality over quantity and now with hindsight, I'd much rather stick to a couple of resolutions and fulfil them properly! So here goes...

1. Be kind to myself. This means - going to bed earlier and not fretting whether I've got all the housework done and not worrying whether the flat is in a bit of a mess a few days out of the week. This also means to put myself first sometimes instead of always trying to put others wishes, wants and happiness above my own. Eating healthy(ish) also falls into this one - but at the same time, not beating myself up about it too much.

2. As mentioned above - just be a bit of a better blogger. I'm going to work harder at posting more regularly and be more organised, especially seeing as I have a shiny new laptop that needs lots of love and attention...

3. Better time management. Now this one pretty much crops up every year. One day, I will succeed - and hopefully 2016 will hold that day!

As you can see, a much smaller list to last year's, but I'm hoping this will mean more of a success rate!

What are you hoping to change for the new year? What are your hopes and dreams?


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