OUTFIT | Autumn Style With Matalan

I have to admit, it took me a long time to accept that Summer is officially over and it's now Autumn's time to shine. It was such a great 6 weeks off, filled with wonderful memories of sunny days out spent with my favourite mini human and we truly were blessed with the weather this year; I think I was in mourning. However, I'm now well and truly over it and embracing A/W with open arms; excited for lots of woodland walks in wellies, trundling through crisp cranberry coloured leaves, wrapped up in chunky knits cradling creamy hot chocolates watching the sky light up with glitter on Bonfire night and cosy nights in front of the fire.

I think this moment came, if I'm honest, only really a couple of weeks ago when I was in town browsing the new collections. You have to understand - I don't get into actual real life shops much these days, a) because I just don't have time during the working week and don't want to drag the poor toddler round shops on our precious days off together and b) I just don't trust myself not to spend money I don't have. It's so much more effort to search through endless pages when online shopping so I tend not to do it that frequently, thus being a much safer option for this recovering shopaholic.

In my more carefree (ahem...financially irresponsible) days, the transition from Summer to Autumn would be one of my favourite times, as I would relish going into the shops, seeing all the new beautifully displayed Autumnal clothes just waiting for me to purchase them. This day the other week, brought back a little of that familiar thrill, and that's when I realised I was ready to leave Summer behind for the next 6 or so months. I immediately got excited to go home and banish all my strappy dresses and sandals to the dark depths of the 'other' wardrobe and dig out all my boots, coats and knitwear. Of course, the seasonal transition wouldn't be the same without just a couple of new pieces to jazz up the previous year's..

Enter Matalan with their extensive range of boots and Winter warmers, after all, you can't go very wrong if you've got great footwear in place. I always used to browse Matalan many moons ago whilst at Uni, for party heels and jewellery, but have to admit I stopped shopping there as I got a bit older and have recently rediscovered it again over the past year or so. They've really upped their game with the fashion stakes and the best thing is the prices remain the same with affordability. I also really love their homeware range and will be starting to stock up on their beautiful Christmas decorations for my tree this year. If you're in a bit of a style rut or still mourning the loss of Summer like I was, I would urge you to pop in to your local store for a little bit of A/W inspo. I am eyeing up a few more pieces myself to add to this year's wardrobe...

*Boots, *cape and *bag: all c/o Matalan | blouse: Primark | jeans (old) and necklace: ASOS


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