The Curse of a Creative Block - An Honest Post

As I sit here at my laptop, for the first time in over a year with the intent of actually producing some creative material, still I am not quite sure what I'm going to write, how it's going to turn out or, whether in fact I'll even be brave enough to click publish after all this time. It's taken me just over 3 hours to even begin these few words; my laptop was switched on at 10.30 this morning, with my blog page up and running, eagerly awaiting something, anything, to be written on it. Somehow, there seems to have been an abundance of rather unnecessary things that my brain has deemed more important to achieve before settling down to start something that actually, my heart deems important. And even now, whilst writing this, I've checked my phone, for nothing in particular, countless times already in this short space of time. Creative procrastination is something that I seem to have been battling with for quite some time now. I am more than capable of getting on with daily life admin, chores, mundane but necessary errands - I tend to busy myself frequently with that side of things, but the idea of settling down with a cuppa and my laptop to do something enjoyable, for myself and my wellbeing, has completely thrown me for the past year and a half or so. Bizarre, right!? You would think that if anything was to be put off it would be those boring jobs, not vice versa.


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