T W O T H O U S A N D & E I G H T E E N

If I think back over the years, I can't actually pinpoint a New Year beginning where I haven't felt truly excited for what the next year would bring; bursting with positive energy, motivation and determination to set new goals and achieve them. So it has come as a bit of a surprise that the start of 2018 is the first time I've just felt 'bleugh' about it all, (and it isn't solely due to the NYE hangover holding me hostage over New Year's Day..!) It's not that I'm feeling negative about the new year in any way, it's just I suppose it's the first time where it has just felt, well, very normal, just like any other day of the year. That fizzy feeling of a clean slate, fresh start, new beginning - whatever you want to call it, has completely eluded me this time. Usually I'd be buzzing with ideas of things I'd want to do for the year ahead; hastily scribbling down numerous to do lists/ hopes/ goals/ dreams, before they were replaced with even more thoughts that would need to be documented before they escaped my brain! I'd probably be taking part in the rounding up of the previous year in pictures, reminiscing over my favourite memories and compiling them into a collage of some sort. I'd be reflecting on the year just gone with some kind of sentimental Instagram or Facebook post. This year - nada. And it's only just come to my realisation as to why I think that is...


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